Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor, PhD

We are pleased to announce that Scott Taylor, PhD, a member of our board was conferred with a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia on October 2nd, 2014. Scott one of the world’s foremost experts in dolphin/human relationships returned to academia to accomplish this significant depth of study in order to further his efforts to promote the survival of dolphins and harmonious interaction between dolphins and humans. His thesis is titled, ”Geographies of the liminal dolphin: Toward and understanding of the contested spaces of dolphin assisted therapy”

Scott plans to establish a network of non-profit rescue sites along the coasts of Australia in order to prevent the needless euthanasia of injured dolphins. The plan is to engage philanthropists and specialists from all over the world to team together to provide rescue and return services and in cases where return is not possible to establish dolphin-human therapy programs for children and adults with disabling disorders such as autism, PTSD and other neurological and physical disorders. For more information see