Devin A. Mikles, MD is a Board-Certified Internist, and is also the Founder and Medical Director of Choices Integrative Healthcare of Sedona.  Since 1969, Dr. Mikles has been engaged in the study and practice of the therapeutic effects of diet and nutrition, skeletal manipulation, Western and Eastern botanical medicine, various types of Western and Eastern bodywork therapies and many forms of yoga and meditation.  His vision is to assist in the development of new paradigms in healing for our planet, through the creation of Interdisciplinary Community Healing Systems.

Dr. Mikles has been a leader in the healthcare community in Northern Arizona since his arrival from the Denver area in 1991.  He is the founder and president of the Verde Valley Independent Practice Association, the Medical Director of the Northern Arizona Home Healthcare and Hospice service, the co-founder of the David G. Wells, MD Memorial Medical Library and the co-founder\chairman of the award-winning program in continuing medical education at the Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Born in Virginia to a military family, Dr. Mikles lived in many locations in the United States, Europe and the Far East. He has continued to travel extensively during his life. He began working at age 12 as a professional musician and became proficient in many other fields of endeavor prior to attending college at age 27. His decision to enter the medical profession was based on his dedication and commitment to assisting in the healing of humanity and our precious Planet Earth. This truly makes him a Global citizen with a point of view that makes him uniquely qualified to speak to our healthcare needs.

Dr. Mikles lectures to medical professionals and the general public at a variety of venues and is available for speaking engagements.

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